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New Hook Up

Release: 04/24/2017

Slow jam, heavy kit.
Slow jam
Standard License: $39.95
Platinum License:  $129.95

Tall Order

Any Day


Slow jam, nice feel.
Slow jam
Standard License: $39.95
Platinum License:  $129.95

The Way Home


Slow jam. Acoustic guitars.
Slow jam
Standard License: $39.95

Mr Fancy Pants

On The Sub

Talk Box

Slow jam with vocoded vocal samples and electric guitar hook.
Slow jam
Standard License: $39.95

What are instrumental beats?

Simply put, an instrumental beat (a.k.a beat, backing track) is a musical composition designed for an artist or songwriter to write a song over. Usually, beats are structured like a full-length song with verses, choruses etc. Unlike most “backing tracks” on the internet, beats are usually original compositions created by the producer - not covers of existing popular songs.

Instrumental Beats are usually written in urban genres such as R&B and Hip-Hop. They’re popular with unsigned and developing artists as they’re ideal for creating demos and show reels. Many artists also use beats as a basis for complete albums released on CD, download and streaming services.

In the last 5 or so years, instrumental beats have become increasingly popular with artists - with a growing number of producers and websites ready to supply them. Using beats can be a very cost effective way of recording a demo or album, the alternative being to pay a producer and studio (or enter into a costly label agreement.) Beats have also become a great - and legal way for producers and composers to earn valuable income.

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