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The history of the site.

Thanks for visiting the site! Smoothbeatsonly.com is dedicated to supplying R&B beats and instrumentals to up-coming artists.


I started the site in 2006 after a brief period selling my beats on other websites. I was unhappy with the way that these sites communicated with their customers - I wanted to be able to talk with the artists using my beats directly.

To date, I've supplied beats to over 2500 artists, most of whom return to the site again and again for new beats.

Getting in touch.

Getting in touch is easy - just use the contact details on the right.
Email is the best way of getting in contact. I also monitor Twitter and Facebook for messages, interactions and comments.

If you're a Soundcloud user, you can access and play my beats directly from the Soundcloud site and associated apps!

Please note - I'm based in the UK, so don't forget the time difference when you get in contact!

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