Some news about the site..

It’s been a while since I added new beats to the site. Here’s a long overdue update about what’s happening..

Where are the new beats?

It’s been a while since the site was updated with new material. Please accept my apologies for this!

Back in September, I made the beat library available for exclusive right purchases.
The option to buy beats exclusively has been massively popular and three quarters of the library has now been sold.

However, rolling out the exclusive beats service took a massive amount of website work and coding – time spent away from producing music.

In addition to switching to PayPal for beat purchases, I’ve also had to make some big changes to the backend code of the website to comply with new EU tax regulations and fraud prevention. All very boring, I know.

All this takes time away from producing beats. However, the work is now complete and I can return to the studio to make more music!

You’ll see some new beats on the site in the coming days and they’ll be a dramatic increase in the amount of new beats produced.

What’s the future for the website?

It’s going nowhere! It’s still my prime business and every piece of music I write is uploaded for my customers. For the next few months, I’ll be focusing on producing new music for the site. Later this year, I’ll be looking to develop an (overdue) mobile friendly version of the website.

What about the new beats?

All new beats on the site will be available as both lease and exclusive rights. Tracked out files will now be available for every new beat when purchased with an exclusive license!

I hope that clears things up a little. Thanks for supporting the site!

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Important update for EU customers on beat availability.

On January 1st 2015, new rules regarding VAT on digital download purchases came into force in the European Union. To summarise what’s a very complex issue, customers who purchase digital downloads from a website must pay VAT at the rate governed by the country they’re located in.

Complying with the new law is very difficult for a small website like Smoothbeatsonly and represents a big technical and administrative challenge. I’m currently working a solution.
Until the work is complete, and to comply with the new EU law,  I’ve been forced to remove the option for EU customers to make purchases from the site. I’m very sorry about this.

If you have any specific questions or concerns, please let me know.

You can read more about the new VAT changes here:

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Coming soon: New beat audio player. Here’s a sneak peak.

Beat Audio Player.

The new audio player, coming soon.

I’ll be updating the site with a new beat player within the next month. It’s something I’ve been working on from some time and will finally bring Android and iOS compatibility to the site!

If you’ve been keeping up with recent trends, you’ll know that a lot of artists and producers are flocking to Soundcloud to listen to and share music. There’s already a Smoothbeats Soundcloud page, and I’ll be using the excellent Soundcloud player on the website.

For the techies amongst you, the new audio player uses a combination of Flash and HTML5 to ensure compatibility across a wide range of devices.

I’m hoping to roll out the new player within the next month. Stay tuned!

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Artist Profile: Courtney O

Courtney O

From time to time, I’ll be publishing artist profiles of Smoothbeats users. If you’d like to be featured on the blog, just let me know at

Courtney O is an R&B-newcomer from Germany. His songs are known for emotional and sensual moments, but also heartache and the “ups and downs” in life.

He’s looking for feedback on his music! You can listen to his music and connect via his website, YouTube and Facebook pages.

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“Summer Breeze” offer extended due to site downtime.

Just a quick post! Last night (day/evening U.S time) the smoothbeats website experienced some downtime due to a mistake by my internet service providers. Apologies for this. The issue has now been fixed.

During this time, I’m aware that some customers tried to take advantage of the current free beat offer but were unable to. Therefore, I’ve extended the current offer for another 24 hours. Thanks for your patience!

View offer details.

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“Look Up My Order” feature – some changes.

Regular users of the website will know about the feature I provide for customers to re-download previously leased beats.
From next week, I’ll be removing the MP3 and WAV files for the following beats:

Beats that have not been available for leasing on the public facing website for a year.

Beats that have been previously removed from the site as part of clearance offers.

I’m doing this to make room on the website server for new beats.
However, don’t worry! If you log on the “Look Up My Orders” area of the website looking to download one of these beats, you’ll still see info on how to contact me to get the files you need – they just won’t be available for instant download. Please let me know if you have any questions about this.

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How to record vocals to beats: Part 1.

Most customers lease beats from the website with the intention of recording vocals over the instrumental. If you have access to a studio and engineer, great! On the other hand, if all you’re armed with is a home computer and some basic equipment, I’m here to help. This first part of the guide will focus on preparation, equipment and software. Part 2 will talk about recording and production techniques. Let’s jump in!

What equipment do I need?

The absolute essentials are a computer, microphone, headphones and pop shield.

What type of microphone do I need?

To record vocals in the studio, most people opt to use a powered, condenser microphone. Typically, these microphones are mounted on a stand – usually with a shock mount. They look distinctly different from the sort of microphone used for stage performances.


Most microphone manufacturers have an extensive selection of condenser microphones to choose from at a reasonable price. Good starts would be the Rhode NT1 and SE Electronics SE2000, but you’ll need an audio interface for these. See below…
Read more ›

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Why are the instrumentals and beats tagged?

It’s a question I get asked a lot, so here’s a brief blog post to explain my reasoning. Users of the smoothbeats only site will notice that whilst full length versions of the beats are available for preview, they’re “tagged” with a low-level voice saying “ R&B Instrumentals and Beats.”
By the way, that’s my voice, albeit artificially pitched.

I don’t think there’s anybody left in the world who doesn’t know that music piracy is a huge problem. Some visitors to the site use audio “scraping” programs. These programs record the audio output of the browser into a file which can then be used to burn CD’s, distribute across the internet and so forth. I know that some visitors use these programs to “grab” instrumentals from the site – to take away and write with before returning later to purchase a license. That’s cool – I don’t have an issue with that at all.

However, some people choose to record over the tagged beats and then try and sell the resulting tracks. That’s illegal.

The tags are there to protect my customers who legitimately purchase a licence. Once a license is purchased, download versions of the instrumentals have the tags removed. The purpose of the tags is to protect the rights of legitimate customers. If you’ve paid a license fee, you deserve to have a version of the beat that the pirates don’t have access too. That’s only fair.

I hope this goes some way to explaining my reasoning! Let me know your thoughts.

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Briefly: View all instrumentals on one page.

View All Beats

The new 'view all' option is highlighted in red.

Just a quick site update. Due to popular request, I’ve added a facility to view all available beats on one page. You’ll see this option above the list of beat genres on most pages. At some point in the future I’ll be adding the option of searching for instrumentals by tempo (speed) and key. Until then, I hope this helps!

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E.Alexander new album. Uses smoothbeats instrumentals.

Artist E.Alexander has contacted me to let me know about his new album release entitled “Angel Face.” From the man himself:

A soulful journey of old school powerful vocals with a ballad style and great inspirational themes. Touching the audience with heart felt music one track at a time. Good old fashion feel good music. Angel Face is a soulful ballad dedicated to the pursuit of a angelic love. An easy listening danceable track that focuses on happiness in a relationship and a satisfaction of true love based on a Biblical decription of entertaining angels unrecognized Heb.13:2. The material is an ode to the true love of a beautiful woman that leads the listeners to a God fearing reflection of being touched and motivated to fall in love with Christ.

Angel Face is featured with a couple different versions on the CD. The first version is a danceable heavy piano two step style. Also the remix track more of a jazz laid back after hours listening track with soulful lyrics of the character of the song in pursuit of an angelic love.

The Rest track is an encouraging mid tempo style also danceable for the listeners to escape pain by seeking refuge in God. The lyrics speak about trouble and the correct response to overcome depression by a belief in the faith of Christ to change everyone’s circumstances.

The 1 more chance track is a prayer dedication to God asking God to allow the journey of the listeners to reflect on the life changing purposes of Christ and a the fulfillment of power to live a life of healing, happiness and help to overcome life’s obstacles.

The AF performance track the vocal arrangement is dropped to the background for an extended track play for jazz and the chorus refrain. “Angel Face you are a walking miracle”.

The love u so much track also is an ode to the audience thanking them for support and also encouraging them to lift their hands and their hearts to pursue the God fearing love that is avaliable to everyone that will accept the powerful message that Christ not only changes lives but also provides miracles of love and power to experience a preview of heaven on earth.

Special thanks to Al Fraser for his extraordinary musical ability and creativity.

You can check out the album right here on CD Baby. Thanks to E for all the support, I appreciate it!

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