A graphic demonstration of what you can do with a beat and some hard work.

I’ve just been sent a video by Dano, an artist out of New Hampshire. Dano brought a beat from the smoothbeatsonly site a couple of months back and took it to the studio.

The result is now on iTunes and YouTube..check out the video below.

I was completely blown away by the song, the quality of the recording and the video. I figured you guys might want to see and listen too. It’s a great demonstration of what you can do with some talent, limited funds and a leased beat.

Visit Dano’s YouTube page or MySpace and show him some love. ;-)

You can also listen and download Dano’s track from iTunes.

Just want to say to Dano – it’s stuff like this that gives me creative energy to produce more tracks when I’m feeling uninspired, so thanks!

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