Artist Profile: CameronDH

From time to time, I’ll try to feature artists on this blog who have used beats from the smoothbeats site. First up, CameronDH.



From a very young age Cameron has loved to sing. One of his earliest memories was of his dad singing the MC Hammer song “Have You Seen Her” and how much he loved singing along with him. Even as a very small boy he used to write songs about rainbow rain and sing them on his sister’s little karaoke machine. He’s come a long way since then and has been performing for many years, both onstage and off with groups such as The Kids Next Door and Sound Revolution in venues around the Southwest including Disneyland four times and on television twice. He has also been in several plays and musicals in the local theatre scene such as High School Musical and Aida. He dances at Club Dance where he is an assistant teacher and choreographer. He is currently studying Advanced Hip Hop and is learning Contemporary technique.

What makes CameronDH unique is his ability to take real life situations and turn them into songs. From the soulful sound of “Wish List” that tells of a guy who never feels like he measures up to a girls expectations, to the infectious beat of “So Much More” about a young man’s desire to have the girl he likes make up her mind about him and speed things up, the listener will relate to every word. To date, he has written six original songs and is in the process of recording them.

The creation and production of music is his passion. He hopes to continue to create great songs that not only entertain but have meaning in the lives of his fans. Keep checking back for more news about C.A.M and for new releases that will be coming soon!

You can check out Cameron’s music at his official myspace page, and also follow on twitter.

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