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Artist Profile: Courtney O

Courtney O

From time to time, I’ll be publishing artist profiles of Smoothbeats users. If you’d like to be featured on the blog, just let me know at Courtney O is an R&B-newcomer from Germany. His songs are known for emotional

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How to record vocals to beats: Part 1.

Most customers lease beats from the website with the intention of recording vocals over the instrumental. If you have access to a studio and engineer, great! On the other hand, if all you’re armed with is a home computer and

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“Nuthin Better” – track created using smoothbeats beat.

Just a quick post. I while back, I was sent this amazing track by Justin Ellis. It’s time to share with you guys. I love it – it’s really commercial sounding: The track was created using a beat from the

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A guide to leasing and buying online. What to expect and what pitfalls to avoid.

In the last two years, leasing beats and instrumentals on the internet has become an accepted way for artists and singers to get instrumentals, and good business for music producers. There’s a huge selection of leasing websites to choose from,

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Another new video from Poneboy (uses smoothbeats beat!)

Just a quick post. Poneboy, out of Hawaii, just sent me this video link of his new single: “Ain’t No Me.” The track uses a beat from the Smoothbeats site. Check it out. The middle 8 really hits the emotional

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Ways to post your music online you might not have thought of.

I’m fortunate enough that on most days, Smoothbeats customers send me links to their music online. Usually, the track is on Soundclick, MySpace, or e-mailed to me directly. I’m extremely appreciative of this and some customers go to extreme lengths

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Using a beat for making Digital Art

Digital Video artist Sistah J has sent me this video as an example of her work. The soundtrack is a beat from the site. Take a look: I’m always amazed at the variety of ways people are able to

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Another cool track created using a Smoothbeats beat…thanks Reekay.

Artist Reekaym has sent me this track, recorded using a beat from smoothbeatsonly. I think it’s awesome. Great song writing and vocals. Make up your own mind below: GUARDS UP by Reekaym As an aside, this track is hosted on

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A graphic demonstration of what you can do with a beat and some hard work.

I’ve just been sent a video by Dano, an artist out of New Hampshire. Dano brought a beat from the smoothbeatsonly site a couple of months back and took it to the studio. The result is now on iTunes and

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New album from Poneboy uses beats from

Straight out of Honolulu, Poneboy has sent me a copy of his new album on CD, 7 tracks on which use beats from the smoothbeats website. Obviously, I’m really pleased, and I think the album is pretty good too. Take

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