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How to record vocals to beats: Part 1.

Most customers lease beats from the website with the intention of recording vocals over the instrumental. If you have access to a studio and engineer, great! On the other hand, if all you’re armed with is a home computer and

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So, what are these WAV files all about?

As most users of the Smoothbeats website know, I supply two files with every leased beat: An MP3 file, and a high quality WAV file. Most people know what an MP3 is, but not a WAV file. What is it?

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Ten essential tips when recording vocals in the studio.

So you’ve got your rnb beats, you’ve managed to get some studio time to get your songs down. Excellent. But how do you make the most of your time behind the microphone? In my role of producer, I’ve seen artists

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Top free (and cheap) audio software.

If you’ve downloaded an rnb beat from the internet, you’ll want to record yourself singing with the track, preferably at home using your computer. But music recording software can be pricey: $200 up to $10,000 + is out of the

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