E.Alexander new album. Uses smoothbeats instrumentals.

Artist E.Alexander has contacted me to let me know about his new album release entitled “Angel Face.” From the man himself:

A soulful journey of old school powerful vocals with a ballad style and great inspirational themes. Touching the audience with heart felt music one track at a time. Good old fashion feel good music. Angel Face is a soulful ballad dedicated to the pursuit of a angelic love. An easy listening danceable track that focuses on happiness in a relationship and a satisfaction of true love based on a Biblical decription of entertaining angels unrecognized Heb.13:2. The material is an ode to the true love of a beautiful woman that leads the listeners to a God fearing reflection of being touched and motivated to fall in love with Christ.

Angel Face is featured with a couple different versions on the CD. The first version is a danceable heavy piano two step style. Also the remix track more of a jazz laid back after hours listening track with soulful lyrics of the character of the song in pursuit of an angelic love.

The Rest track is an encouraging mid tempo style also danceable for the listeners to escape pain by seeking refuge in God. The lyrics speak about trouble and the correct response to overcome depression by a belief in the faith of Christ to change everyone’s circumstances.

The 1 more chance track is a prayer dedication to God asking God to allow the journey of the listeners to reflect on the life changing purposes of Christ and a the fulfillment of power to live a life of healing, happiness and help to overcome life’s obstacles.

The AF performance track the vocal arrangement is dropped to the background for an extended track play for jazz and the chorus refrain. “Angel Face you are a walking miracle”.

The love u so much track also is an ode to the audience thanking them for support and also encouraging them to lift their hands and their hearts to pursue the God fearing love that is avaliable to everyone that will accept the powerful message that Christ not only changes lives but also provides miracles of love and power to experience a preview of heaven on earth.

Special thanks to Al Fraser for his extraordinary musical ability and creativity.

You can check out the album right here on CD Baby. Thanks to E for all the support, I appreciate it!

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