“Nuthin Better” – track created using smoothbeats beat.

Just a quick post. I while back, I was sent this amazing track by Justin Ellis. It’s time to share with you guys. I love it – it’s really commercial sounding:

The track was created using a beat from the smoothbeatsonly website. If you want to know more, you can hit up the writers and vocalists below.

Justin Ellis on Twitter. (song writing)
Glen Perkins on Twitter. (vocals and song writing)

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Want Gospel Beats? I need your help!

As you may have noticed, in the last month or so I’ve been trying my hand at producing gospel influenced beats for the website. They were requested by many folks and have proved pretty popular.

Whilst the website will always feature R&B first and foremost, I’m considering adding more gospel influences to the site.

There’s one problem though – I’m based in the U.K and over this side of the pond, gospel music has never been as popular as in the U.S. Therefore, I’m not familiar with the artists that you guys listen to and love.

So, I need your help! I’d like to find out which artists inspire you, and who’s influences you feel I should represent on the web site.

Simply reply to this e-mail, drop comments on the blog post, or let me know via Facebook or Twitter. I’d really appreciate it. Thank-you!

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A guide to leasing and buying online. What to expect and what pitfalls to avoid.


In the last two years, leasing beats and instrumentals on the internet has become an accepted way for artists and singers to get instrumentals, and good business for music producers. There’s a huge selection of leasing websites to choose from, some of them very reputable. If you’re thinking of leasing a beat (from the smoothbeats site or otherwise,) take 2 minutes to read this article. I’ll try to explain how leasing works, and what traps you can fall into…

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Another new video from Poneboy (uses smoothbeats beat!)

Just a quick post. Poneboy, out of Hawaii, just sent me this video link of his new single: “Ain’t No Me.” The track uses a beat from the Smoothbeats site. Check it out. The middle 8 really hits the emotional spot, and you’ve gotta love the lens flare..

Thanks Poneboy.

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Ways to post your music online you might not have thought of.

I’m fortunate enough that on most days, Smoothbeats customers send me links to their music online. Usually, the track is on Soundclick, MySpace, or e-mailed to me directly.

I’m extremely appreciative of this and some customers go to extreme lengths to send me music, grappling with large file sizes via e-mail or setting up a YouTube account just to post a “fake” movie containing the track.

In an effort to make your lives easier, I’ve prepared this brief post to tell you about some services and websites I’ve come across that allow you to upload and distribute your music, and even promote and sell. Most of these services are free.
If you know of any others, just let me know and I’ll update this post.

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Using a beat for making Digital Art

Digital Video artist Sistah J has sent me this video as an example of her work. The soundtrack is a beat from the Smoothbeatsonly.com site. Take a look:

I’m always amazed at the variety of ways people are able to use beats. This a great example. You can check out some more of Sistah J’s work, and follow her on Twitter.

By the way, thanks for the kind words in the video! ;-)

I’m Joyce Rogers CEO of VideoPage4U.com I have known of Al’s beats since discovering him over 2 years ago. I purchased several beats from him for my second CD. On my first CD, I produced my own music on my Motif 6. That was 5 years ago.

When I got ready to do my second CD, I wanted somebody better than me on the keyboard…someone with studio quality industry standard level. I was so glad to run across Al. I had seen his ad over at SoundClick and it was on from there.

Now I have branched out onto 2 other loves I have… my Art and my creative ability in marketing others thru video media. If you are an artist, you should get Al’s beats and then once you’ve finished your album, you should contact me immediately for producing a video page for you as I have for Al.

Like Al, I am very affordable and very good at what I do. Check out Al’s video page here http:www.simurl.com/smoothbeats Together we will be a powerhouse that will help you get where you want to be in the music world.

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Another cool track created using a Smoothbeats beat…thanks Reekay.

Artist Reekaym has sent me this track, recorded using a beat from smoothbeatsonly. I think it’s awesome. Great song writing and vocals. Make up your own mind below:

GUARDS UP by Reekaym

As an aside, this track is hosted on SoundCloud, which is a pretty good way to distribute your music for free. You can also use the cool player above to post your track on blogs etc. Just remember to check the SoundCloud license agreement… ;-)

Anyway, thanks to Reekay. You can visit his SoundCloud page or MySpace.

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So, what are these WAV files all about?


As most users of the Smoothbeats website know, I supply two files with every leased beat: An MP3 file, and a high quality WAV file.

Most people know what an MP3 is, but not a WAV file. What is it? What are the benefits to you as a recording artist? In this article, I’ll try to explain a little!

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A graphic demonstration of what you can do with a beat and some hard work.

I’ve just been sent a video by Dano, an artist out of New Hampshire. Dano brought a beat from the smoothbeatsonly site a couple of months back and took it to the studio.

The result is now on iTunes and YouTube..check out the video below.

I was completely blown away by the song, the quality of the recording and the video. I figured you guys might want to see and listen too. It’s a great demonstration of what you can do with some talent, limited funds and a leased beat.

Visit Dano’s YouTube page or MySpace and show him some love. ;-)

You can also listen and download Dano’s track from iTunes.

Just want to say to Dano – it’s stuff like this that gives me creative energy to produce more tracks when I’m feeling uninspired, so thanks!

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New album from Poneboy uses beats from Smoothbeatsonly.com

Straight out of Honolulu, Poneboy has sent me a copy of his new album on CD, 7 tracks on which use beats from the smoothbeats website.

Obviously, I’m really pleased, and I think the album is pretty good too. Take a listen for yourself:

Thanks to Poneboy for letting me link to the site.

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