Some news about the site..

It’s been a while since I added new beats to the site. Here’s a long overdue update about what’s happening..

Where are the new beats?

It’s been a while since the site was updated with new material. Please accept my apologies for this!

Back in September, I made the beat library available for exclusive right purchases.
The option to buy beats exclusively has been massively popular and three quarters of the library has now been sold.

However, rolling out the exclusive beats service took a massive amount of website work and coding – time spent away from producing music.

In addition to switching to PayPal for beat purchases, I’ve also had to make some big changes to the backend code of the website to comply with new EU tax regulations and fraud prevention. All very boring, I know.

All this takes time away from producing beats. However, the work is now complete and I can return to the studio to make more music!

You’ll see some new beats on the site in the coming days and they’ll be a dramatic increase in the amount of new beats produced.

What’s the future for the website?

It’s going nowhere! It’s still my prime business and every piece of music I write is uploaded for my customers. For the next few months, I’ll be focusing on producing new music for the site. Later this year, I’ll be looking to develop an (overdue) mobile friendly version of the website.

What about the new beats?

All new beats on the site will be available as both lease and exclusive rights. Tracked out files will now be available for every new beat when purchased with an exclusive license!

I hope that clears things up a little. Thanks for supporting the site!

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