Ways to post your music online you might not have thought of.

I’m fortunate enough that on most days, Smoothbeats customers send me links to their music online. Usually, the track is on Soundclick, MySpace, or e-mailed to me directly.

I’m extremely appreciative of this and some customers go to extreme lengths to send me music, grappling with large file sizes via e-mail or setting up a YouTube account just to post a “fake” movie containing the track.

In an effort to make your lives easier, I’ve prepared this brief post to tell you about some services and websites I’ve come across that allow you to upload and distribute your music, and even promote and sell. Most of these services are free.
If you know of any others, just let me know and I’ll update this post.

If you want to share music online, try SoundCloud.

Uploading tracks to MySpace is one way to share your tracks online, but your music is downgraded in sound quality and it’s hard to share your MySpace tracks across the web.

Enter SoundCloud. Think of it as a music player on steroids. You can upload any file type, any size or format, and in turn have your music displayed on websites using the rather cool SoundCloud player.

To share your music, you can send people your SoundCloud URL, or better still, embed the SoundCloud music player featuring your music on any website you wish using the tools provided.

The service also includes more features, such as private file sharing, stats and the like. Worth a look.

SoundCloud: The Tour from SoundCloud on Vimeo.

If you need to distribute large files and collaborate, try Dropbox.

Dropbox is a remote storage facility. Think of it as a personal hard drive or memory stick on the internet which you (and others) can access anywhere.

Why is this useful for artists? Example: You want to send a large audio file to the studio (perhaps the WAV version of a beat from Smoothbeatsonly.com), and give other musical collaborators access to the same file. Dropbox is a great way to do this.

If you want to upload, share and sell your music..try Bandcamp.

Despite the name, Bandcamp is an excellent tool for playing and promoting your musical endeavours. Bandcamp allows you to set up an artist “page.” As well as providing a way to play your tracks, Bandcamp allows you to share your news and music across social networks and also sell your music online.


Another option. BandZoogle.

Featuring a similar feature set to Bandcamp, BandZoogle adds blog and podcast facilities. In short, everything you need to upload, distribute, sell and market your tracks. The indie artist has never had it so good!

Hopefully, these links will give you some ideas on how to distribute your songs and get exposure. Thanks for reading. If you have any further links, just let me know and I’ll try to update this post.

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