Neo-Soul Instrumental Beats

Neo-Soul beats similar to artists like Jill Scott, Erykah Badu and D'Angelo. Heavy kicks, rhodes, synths and horns. A little off-the-wall..

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Audio tag removed.
Instant download after ordering.
Full commercial lease with no restrictions or time limits.
Sell and distribute unlimited copies of your song. Wherever you like.
100% royalty free. Pay once.
MP3 file and 24bit WAV file for all beats.
Retrieve your beats at any time from the site.
Full sync rights. Use these beats in your video.

What files will I receive?

MP3: You'll receive a high quality MP3 file (192 Khz) of each beat. The MP3 is tag free and can be imported into your audio program to record vocals over, or burned to a CD.

WAV: You'll also receive a studio ready, high quality WAV file of each beat. The WAV file is tag free and is uncompressed. By recording your vocals to a WAV file, you'll get much better results than recording to an MP3. (more info)
Beware! Other producers won't offer you this facility. Read more about the WAV files.

Create your first demo.

Use these beats to write and record your next hit song. Just import the files into your favourite music software, or take them to the studio to record your vocals. Put the results on Facebook, SoundClick, YouTube or any other site you wish..and maybe attract the attention of music professionals. I'm contacted every month by artists who have used these beats to get to the next level of their careers!

Make money by recording and releasing songs created with these beats with a full commercial license.

If you're a record label, or an indie artist releasing your material independently, you can use these beats to record your songs, and make money in whatever way you CD, iTunes - it doesn't matter!

Other artists like you who've purchased a license from this site, now have albums on iTunes. Do you want a piece of the action? There's nothing to stop you.

Unlike other producers, I impose no time restraints, or limits on the amount of CD's you can sell or downloads you provide. In fact, The only thing you can't do is re-sell the beats as instrumentals.

No royalties, percentages or points to pay!

You pay a single, one off license fee and not a cent more.

Is there an agreement to protect my rights?

Your use of the beats is protected by an agreement. There's no need to sign any contract. Your purchase details are kept on a secure database. If you're about to release a track created using a beat from the site, all you need to do is let me know. I'm also happy to sign any agreements that you or your record company propose. I can't make it easier than that!

You can download the full smoothbeats agreement here.

Use these beats to make a music video.

You can shoot your next hit as a video and post the results on YouTube etc, as well as on commercial television. Full sync rights are included with every beat.

Change and edit these beats using your music software.

You can import these beats into your favourite music software for recording vocals or editing. Maybe re-structure the beats to fit your song. Or speed the tempo up. Whatever you want to do, these beats are compatible with the vast majority of music software.